Month: August 2008

what the heck,I might as well make a fool out of myself.

What the heck I might as dig me a big hole and jump in it,Or I’m gonna stick my foot in my mouth.Your choice.Here goes,this election will be interesting. on the Democratic side we have a black guy with an old Guy for his… Continue Reading “what the heck,I might as well make a fool out of myself.”

Sandee giving away a new award and so am I.

Sandee gave this to every body that is her blogging buddies. and so guess what I’m gonna do exactly the same thing. it up for grabs folks!!I’m giving this away because I treasure all of my blogging friends and visitors.

I saw this elsewhere,and decided to do the same thing!

The rules are simple1) link to the person who gave you this award Sandee Gave it to me. 2) nominate at least seven people that you want to give this to. 3) put a link to the blog that you are giving this to.… Continue Reading “I saw this elsewhere,and decided to do the same thing!”

something really great.

While traveling through the land of blog I ran into something I found really interesting.Here is the link to the site. ultra-awesome.blogspot.comI will also link you to a second site where some else built a different “toy” that site is

Self Portrait.

I decided to do a self portrait. I got the Idea from a friend’s site. He did a self portrait as well as putting a photo of his grandson. Since I was not Blessed with children I willl just post a photo of my… Continue Reading “Self Portrait.”

Ashtabula County Covered Bridge 17 construction May 7, 2008 Ashtabula’s Newest covered Bridge.

A Prayer Request.

Connie at over good ground needs our Prayers.Her Mom is in the hospital. JO over at Moodscapes posted the request. So I put up both links,one togo and ovver moral support to Connie. and to Jo to say thank you for the prayer request.

JC gave me this.

I just received this award from JC I accept it with gratitude. So now to give this one away imediately. So lets start with: Sandee @ comedy plus for the smiles she brings to me from her blogs. BEAMER over at bmw rules. Lee… Continue Reading “JC gave me this.”

Lonestar – I’m Already There I enjoy this song and the vidoe tribute to our Military!

a Covered Bridge site.

here is a link to the Ashtabula Covered Bridge Festival. I decided to post this one for 2 reason. Lee over at Tarheel Ramblings had a picture of a covered bridge posted. and the Second reason was that I just wanted to do this… Continue Reading “a Covered Bridge site.”

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