I did a new MEME!

I was tagged by Stacy over at living my days in hope. it is a long one so I’m only going to link you to it.come on over and check it out. I know how chicken of me. but what the heck I thing I’m entitled to slack off sometimes!

3 Comments on “I did a new MEME!

  1. I liked it too. Not enough to do it, but I liked your answers. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. I mean, who can overlook a double dog dare. Not me. No siree. Stopping in from Dust Bunny Hostage. Congrats on the award too!

  3. Sandee, that is ok with me if you do not do that one. I have decided not to tag people any more since ther are a couple people that still owe me a meme or two.Tammy thank you for stopping by. I do not pass up a double dog dare you as well.

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