Day: July 2, 2008

Hospital death controversy Here is a sad comentary about the world. If you are poor and have mental health are cast aside,and if you die waiting for help,too bad for you. If I sound a little harsh of our health care system than so be… Continue Reading “Hospital death controversy”

something that you may not know about me.

For those that do not know this about me,Covered Bridges are a passion for me as well as the Hammered Dulcimer. I also enjoy Lighthouses,the Ohio and Erie canal and the other canals located here in Ohio. Now getting back to the covered bridge… Continue Reading “something that you may not know about me.”

La Paloma

Greensleeves played by 39-strings lyre the Lyre is the forerunner to the Hammered Dulicmer.

Silver Bells

Lucy Campbell and Toss The Feathers Irish Reels- Zekley

Calliope House/Jenny Dang The Weaver Zekley Family Band

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