Life cereal: Mikey likes it!

this is where my nick name came from

6 Comments on “Life cereal: Mikey likes it!

  1. LOL! Its been a while since I saw that commercial! I am adding you to my buddy list! Sorry I haven\’t done it sooner

  2. Oh wow did that bring back memories! My brother also is named Mike (received the nick name) because of this comercial. I tried to comment earlier, but blogger wouldn\’t let me. Great posts Mike. Ty also for commenting on my work. ­čÖé I truly appreciate the comments.Hugs and blessings

  3. Sandy C,I\’m glad that you enjoyed the walk in the past.Mysti,I think every michael in the USA got the nicknmae \”Mikey\” because of the commercial.Sorry that blogger was giveing you grief.

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