A prayer request

As is my policy if I find a prayer request,I post a link to the person asking for the prayers. Well our fellow blogger MARY Has a relative that needs prayers.
please go and offer some moral support as well as to learn about the prayer request.Thank you every one.Mike

6 Comments on “A prayer request

  1. Mike,Thank you for your thoughtfulness in posting a link to my prayer request as well as your moral support and prayers for my Aunt May. I appreciate it. You are a great friend.Blessings,Mary

  2. You are a Dear person for taking that need for prayer to heart.Be blessed Mike.Jennifer

  3. Mary,I will asways provide moral support to those that need it.by giveing Moral support away it helps me keep my soberity as well.Jennifer,I\’m just trying to live my life as best that I can,and that means showing support to some in need of the support.

  4. Thank you, Mike, for supporting Mary\’s prayer request. Her aunt is having a terrible time. I\’m sure it helps Mary out to know we all care. She is a wonderful person and so are you!hugs,Tina

  5. Tina,I know too well how a person feels in this situation.I went thru the same thing in Sept,2003 with my Mom and the lung cancer that she had.

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