Just Because.

I have not been able to come up with some witty or even silly stuff,that’s why I’ve been posting a bunch of videos.I have been letting them speak for me.
I know that it may get a little boring.But that is the best I can do right now.
Except when I see someone asking for prayers as I have been running across. The last on was for Mary,she is only asking for prayers that God”s will be done.she knows that her Aunt is terminally ill and just wishes she would not suffer any longer.
I have been there.When my Mom was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in August,and was told she was at the stage that a feeding tube was in order.She refused that step.we than put her in a hospice call Malachi house.She was there about a week when she passed away.That was in Sept 2003. The nice thing was that she was able to see you first grand child, Alisan ( My sister Sandy’s daughter)get married in August.
I guess that what Mary is going through has brough me back to the pain I was in when I lost my Mom,at least I had time to prepare for her Passing.
My Dad was a totally different thing On Saturday he looked ok Sunday night Mom called and said Dad wanted me to come and take him to the hospital,he was so weak that he could not even walk down the stairs,we called for an EMS squad to come and help him.They left the house with just the lights flashing half way around the block they hit the siren,I knew that Dad was in trouble.They admitted him by tuesday morning he had died.

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  1. It is difficult, to say the least to go through the ordeal of watching a your parents die. I don\’t care what they say, the memory of the loss doesn\’t get easier as time goes on. It has been 7 years since lung cancer took my mother and the memory of loosing her is still painful. I have been praying for Mary\’s aunt. Cancer is a horrible way to die.

  2. Bless your heart…I wish I had some wise and wonderful words to make your pain lessen, but I don\’t. I\’m sorry that you\’re aching over the loss of your parents, but how wonderful that your relationship with them was so wonderful that their loss matters so deeply to you. That\’s a gift in itself when you think about it. Hope the world starts looking brighter soon!Kari

  3. Jo and Kari,Most of the time I\’m Ok and do not think about them as sadly.I do miss them and always will. sometimes when I read a post where a person describes what they are going thu with a seriously ill(terminal)family member that isa when I\’m most reminded how I was feeling when my parents were ill and died. God Bless those that have gone before us,God Bless those that need his loving hands as the suffer the grief of a dying family member.

  4. Mike,I\’m sorry for your losses of your Mom and Dad. You have great empathy for others. I know Mary appreciates your prayer request for her Aunt. I have been enjoying the videos that you\’ve posted. Thank you!Take care.Hugs,Tina

  5. Tina,most of the time the Ijus miss them,then when I read about someone going thru what I went trru with them it brings back to pian I felt.

  6. I don\’t think we can ever get completely over a loved ones passing. I will pray for Mary\’s aunt. I am very saddened by the news. Take care!Renie

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