Day: May 21, 2008

409 by the Beach Boys — Chevorlet Muscle Cars

Little Old Lady from Pasadena — Dodge Muscle Cars Now this is when “Hot rods” were built.Ford and Chevy were no slouches either.

Blue Man Group video featured on I just can not help my self with this one

Stooges Pie Fight Now this is comedy!

Eternal Flame I just decided to post this one just for the fun of it.

5th Dimension sings Age Of Aquarius Let The Sunshine In I like this tune so I’m putting it up.

Copper Clappers Johnny Carson strikes again!

Tommy Smothers turns into Johnny Carson It is said the imitation is the best form of flatery.

the second prayer request of the day.

I almost forgot to add Senator Kennedy to my prayer requests.we now know that his seizures were caused by a brain tumor believed to be cancerous. With all the stuff that his family has gone through,let’s keep him in our prayers as well.He lost… Continue Reading “the second prayer request of the day.”

A prayer request

my friend Brandy her son Draven needs prayers.I hope that you will join me in giving prayers for this young man.Thank you all.It would not hurt to go over to say hi as well. The request is posted on thursdays May 15,2008 posting.

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