Gordon Lightfoot – The Edmund Fitzgerald – Dedication


I used to see this ship docked in Cleveland during the winter.God speed crew members.

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  1. What a tragic end. People don\’t realize how the storms in the Great Lakes can be as rough as any at sea except those that live around them.Thanks for sharing Mike.

  2. Mike,I had no idea how treacherous the waters of the Great Lakes could be until I heard this song. Thanks for posting it.hugs,Tina

  3. Jo,this is true.as long as ships have been sailing the great lakes there have been storms that have clained lives.If memory serves me there are 100 wrecks here in Lake Erie alone.Tina,when I was going to High School,the \”Fitz\” would spend the winter on the Cuyahoga river.

  4. Mike,I remember well the day that the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in Superior with her Captain and his grew. It was a sad time.Thank you for posting this wonderful tribute to the Fritz and her crew. Gordon Lightfoot did a fabulous job with the song and I have always liked it. Mike, thanks for your prayers and the link for my aunt. I accepted a long time ago that she would die, as I knew how thoroughly the cancer had spread before they found it. I only ask that if it is her time to go and they can\’t bring the cancer to remission, which they\’ve told her they can\’t, that God takes her peacefully and that she just sleeps away. She\’s suffered enough.Yes, I will miss her but I do not like seeing her suffer so. It is better for her to pass to the other side. And so I ask that God\’s Will be done. Blessings,MaryBlessings,Mary

  5. Mary,I know the feeling all too well.when my Mom was found to have inoperative lung cancer she was in a lot of pain and the meds that gave her did not help much.At least she saw her first Grandchild get married.about three weeks later she passed away in Sept 2003,I still miss her.

  6. I\’ve always enjoyed that song. I\’ve also seen the documentary about the sinking of the ship on History channel several times.

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