a visit to the past.

I’m writing this because I feel that I have to,I do not want to lose any blogging friends for what I’m about to say,and if I do lose them well so be it.This is a free country after all,and we are allowed to have differences of opinions.This being said I will now continue to my posting.

I chose to title this a visit to the past for one simple reason.this post started out as a reply to someones comment that they chose to follow. Let’s go back in time to a different war.It’s the 70’s the war in Vietnam was causing a lot controversy,there was war protests,there were some deserters,there were cowards that did not want to serve in the military and fled to Canada.
Then there were some men that show their own brand of loyalty to family,I’m referring to those that did not want to serve in the military because of their beliefs.Those men who refused their draft notices ended up going to prison for their beliefs.
One such person is my friend Irv. He felt so strongly in his beliefs that he refuse to be inducted into the military when he received his draft notice and he ended up going to prison for 2 years,which would have been the time he would of had to serve. Now concisest objectors are nothing new there were those that refuse military service in world war 2 as well. They were offered alternative service instead. Now when the same type of a person expressed those same beliefs they were thrown in prison instead of being an alternative service. So Irv went to Jail for his beliefs,I went into the US Air Force for mine.
This is what made our country so great.I hope that people understand why I wrote this.

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  1. it is very refreshing to know that you express what you feel in your heart…When a person is drafted to serve his country in times of war…he must answer that call in the way that his heart tells him to… your friend made his choice and you made yours…and for the sake of America I am glad that you made the choice that you made…Mimi

  2. If I had to chose between going to war and doing anything else, I would chose anything else, even if it were jail. Although the option to do community service would be a greater help to the nation at large. Was that not an option during the Vietnam War?

  3. Sandy C.I have always tried to up front with every body,that is why I wrote this.Irv has always been loyal to me as a kid when other kids did not want me to be part of something,He would say if he(me) can\’t be part than I can\’t either.That loyalty deserves nothing less from me.Mimi,you are right we all have to follow what we feel.Irv stood up for what he believed in,as I did also.I did not like the war,but a I told my Dad I felt I had to go into the air force as a way of Honoring my Dad.who served in and/or at the end of world war 2.He was in the Army Air Force.Noelle,each and every one of has a drummer inside of us that we march to.Irv\’s drummer led him to take the path he chose to,he could have done what a lot of the cowards did and fled to Canada,but no he stayed and faced his responiblity.

  4. Good Evening Mike,\”THANK YOU\” once again for what you did while you were in the Service. I so appreciate what all our Military Personnel have done or are still doing for our Country. You are right, for now we still live in a FREE COUNTRY and have a RIGHT to express our own opinions. I do admire you for saying what you believe in and what you feel. Irv made his choice and you made yours. That is what living in this FREE COUNTRY is all about. I enjoyed the vidoe of Joe South. \”THANK YOU\” for sharing it. There are so many people in this world that do play games. I don\’t care for those kind of people. It\’s just not right. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  5. Mike, saying that my eyes remind you of your father\’s is probably the nicest comment that I could receive. I think that he would have enjoyed reading your blog.Thank you, Sir, for your service to our country.Jennifer

  6. Everyone has their own loyalties and beliefs and must follow their heart. I try not to judge anyone because I sure don\’t want others judging me. It is wonderful that two people with such different beliefs can set their differences aside and be friends.

  7. Everyone has their own loyalties and beliefs and must follow their heart. I try not to judge anyone because I sure don\’t want others judging me. It is wonderful that two people with such different beliefs can set their differences aside and be friends.

  8. Mike I LOVED this post, thank you for saying this. One of the things I truly admire about you is the way you freely express your opinions and views on your blog.Again I thank you for your service to this country.Hugs,Sandra

  9. Thank you for sharing with us, and Thank you for serving for us. Its people like you who have risked their lives that make it possible for us to have our Freedom.

  10. While I would have made the same choice as Irv, I understand and respect your choice as well. My problem lies with a variety of people who think that because someone opposes a war (any war) they do not support, respect, cry for, worry about, pray for those who have chosen to fight. I have NEVER met an anti-war activist who feels anything other than those feelings for the troops. We\’re all in this together and only want what is best for our home land and the citizens of it. Not to mention the citizens of the world. If it goes, we all go. No exceptions.Thanks for being candid and for going through what you did in Vietnam.

  11. Great Post Mike. Everyone has to stand up for what is right and what is wrong for them personally. As you stated that is what has made this country so wonderful. I am afraid we are losing that today in our society. The freedom of choice is very important. It seems that there is so much judgment in our country. Thank you for telling it how it is, and speaking your mind.

  12. Karen How right you are and I feel belsses to be in this country,from what I was in the different countries that I got to visit when I was serveing in the Air Force.I also feel blessed that I have my friend Irv.his parents knew mine and we have been friends since we were babies.Ed,i\’m not sure that I would call myself a patriot,I did not believe in the just as Irv did,but I chose the easy way and enlisted.I did not want to go to war with my Dad for not serveing.Jo,I was just happy that we are the freinds that we are.Irv has a great sence of humor that maybe a little twisted,but than again so is mine.Any one visiting his site will see that.Sandra,I remember a saying that goes something like this \”first be true to your self\”.That say it all.Valarie,my hat is off to my Brother in law Al hew was in vietnam,me I was stationed at McClelland AFB,but belonged to a scoudron that did depot level maintance and went here ther and everywhere.I was in the Philipenes(I know that I did not spell it right)Tialand and Tiawan,then I was in several of the different bases in the united states.Al,Irv in his own way is just as briave as the person who did put a uniform on.It took guts to say no I will not serve,and go to jail for those beliefs.My hat is off to my friend Irv.

  13. Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate and admire both you for your decision and Irv for his. I understand that this type of freedom to follow your own beliefs comes as a result of people such as yourself who serve the country, and I am very grateful for it.

  14. Thank you for your service.To me, this post shows that we can have our separate strong beliefs while maintaining friendships.

  15. I\’m glad you came back in one piece. The stories I could tell of those I have encountered that served in Nam and were never the same again.Thank you for your service and thanks for sharing. Beamer

  16. Yertle,thank you for your kind comment.Travis,yes we all can heve seperate belifs and maintain freindships,as long as we choose to.Beamer,I was lucky that I did not have to be \’Nam I was in tialand for a short time on a tdy,and in tiawan on a tdy as well. with stops at Clark Air Base both comming and going.military service did do a number on my head.though.

  17. You didn\’t lost me as a friend. I love you even when I disagree…but in this case, I don\’t.I saw someone playing a dulcimer the other day and thought of you. ­čÖé

  18. Amy,thank you for comment.When you saw the Dulicmer player and thought of me is an honor indeed.

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