Chilling out.

There are some days that is just fun sitting at the computer with Hammered Dulicmer music playing it the back round.I’m currently listening to a c/d called Country Mountian Love Songs,From Green Hill Productions.(This is an all instrumental c/d.) The store where I got this from does not exist any more.
There is an 800 number to call to find out information where this music can be found and here is the phone number 1-800-200-4656.Hopefuly it is current I got this number for the disc jacket.If there was a way to include this music on my site I’d do it but since I donot know how I can’t and besides it is copywrited and I don’t want to step on those kind of toes.If you know what I mean!

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  1. Good Afternoon Mike,Sounds like you are having a relaxing afternoon sitting at the computer and listening to some good music. I like to listen to just instrumental music sometimes. Something about it is so relaxing and calming. I\’ve been lazy today and not doing much. I\’m watching t.v., napping, and getting on the computer occasionally. It\’s a cloudy day with rain moving in for tonight. It is 57 degrees right now. Take care my friend and have a great afternoon. May God Bless You and Yours. Hope your MIL is feeling better today. I don\’t know how to download music on the computer either. I guess I never will. LOL.Karen H.

  2. Mike,I haven\’t listened to any hammered dulcimer music in ages. I used to have some tapes of hammered dulcimer music that was played at Contra dances. I really enjoyed it. But eventually my tapes broke and I didn\’t get around to replacing them. Hmm, I will have to add that to my birthday wish list I make for my family! Thank you for commenting on my post today.Tina

  3. Karen I have different c/d s that I play some have singing but most of my HD c/ds are instrumental.It is currently a cloudy day and a temp of 34.Tina,you might wanto ind out it there is a folk music store near you they peobly will my the dulicmer tapes,and you try that 800 numbet that I listed.

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