on going on diatribes on other’s websites.

I have to admit that I can be a verry opionated person.There are times that I read something on one of the blog sites that I visit and read something that gets my blood boiling and off I go on a tangent.So now I admidt that on this site.One site I went off on a diatrbe about the so called pro sports players.and how they are a bunck of overepaid cry babies.Take a football or a basketball player for instance.”I sprained my pinkie’I can’t play” not in the old days when sports were played for the love of the game(before the players had to be milionaires in order to play)Guyes were taped up to the max and would still get back into the game.No crying I can’t play.

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  1. Good Morning Mike,Sorry it\’s been a few days since I have visited. It\’s been one of those weeks if you know what I mean. I am trying to catch up with everyone this morning. Everyone has their own opinion to everything. This is, afterall, I still hope, a Free Country, and we have the right to our own opinion to things. I am not a big Football Fan myself, but I do agree that Football players today are just in it for the money. If money wasn\’t involved, I believe most of them woudn\’t be playing to begin with. Things sure ain\’t like it used to be in the good ole days that\’s for sure. Alot of Football players get on those Steroids and sometimes it causes death. I don\’t know why they even want to look like some kind of monster to begin with. They should be proud of their own body that GOD gave them. Okay, that\’s my opinion. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I see where you got an Award. \”CONGRATULATION\’S\” on your Award. Karen H.

  2. You are pretty much right about pro athletes needing to actually play because they are getting paid a heck of a lot of money to do so. But I think its usually better to do your diatribes on your own blog.

  3. Karen this pretty much goes for all pro sports.there are even some kids going strait from high school to palying sports.one such person has the nickname of \”King\’ and he plays for a basketball team.Mal I will try to remember to keep the diatripes to my site.

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