a good day today.

Even if it is April fools day,and no I will not pull anything on this posting.
I can count my blessing that today is a good day.I’m glad that I shared some of the stuff that that runs Though my head,it shows a side of me that needed to be shared.
I shared this in response to several blogs that I visit where they talk about the stuff that happens to them.This way I can show them that they are not alone.
Abuse comes in many forms,physical and mental by some one we know. then there is substance abuse in the form of drugs and alcohol.these are “friends” that I know all too well.
than there is the category of self hatred,this takes many forms as well the worse one being suicidal,I have walked that path many times as well.The good part that I know that it is a pernate solution to a temporary problem.This does not mean that the thought will not be revisited,but I now have the tools to combat these thoughts.I promised my psych doc that i would call her and or go to the emergency room.
My point is that no one is perfect,and the last perfect person that walked this Earth was nailed to a cross to die for our sins,that we may be saved.

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  1. Mike,Sometimes it feels so much better when we share our painful memories and feeling instead of keeping them clamped down inside. I am glad that you are having a good day today. Hugs,Tamara

  2. Thank you.You remembered me that \”it\’s temporary\”.I needed this today.

  3. Mike,I\’m really glad you had a good day. Spring is here, our weather is getting warmer and I pray that you have many more good days.Blessings,Mary

  4. Just Be Real,I have been trying to live my live in a positive way.If it means saring the dark side of me and it helps someone else that I doing some good.

  5. I know that it makes you feel better to say once out loud the hurt that you have been feeling inside for so many years…Wishing you many blessings,Mimi

  6. Mimi,I have talked about this with my family many times,but for some reason blogging about made me feel better that when I would talkabout it with my family.

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