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I may not be posting any you tube videos for the time being.I hate that I can post a video and it would play for a day or so than it will there for I am not going to frustrate myself any more.It just boggles my mind that groups will allow stuff to be posted on you tube but balk if someone wants to publish the video on their blog. PSSSSFFFTT!(aka known as a bronx cheer)

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  1. Bummer! I did not know this is what happens to videos. Mike, meant to ask you a Zither is completly different than a Dulcimer? How do you tune a Dulcimer anyway? Blessings dear one!

  2. Just be real,you use L shaped tool that fits over the tuning pegs and tune each string one at a time.using a tunnig sensor that shows what key the string and if it is in tune.The indicator is shaped in a half moon that show if the string is flat or the light is exactly in the center the string is in takes me about 25 minuites to tune the dulicimer.

  3. Thanks Mike for the explanation. Sure takes about 24 mins. and 38 seconds more to tune a Dulicimer than my acoustic guitar, hee hee.

  4. JBR,that\’s tru,and the dulcimer has a lot more strings than the guitar,but this is the instrument that I fell in love withand for me it is easier to plat that a guitar.I tried to play that as well.

  5. this puzzles me too. they post the embed code for everyone to use but when it is posted in a blog, it becomes inaccessible after a day or two.

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