friday and saturday update.

here is an update. Yesterday I posted Andy Kaufman singing to Mighty Mouse that will not play.Sorry about that. Now on a personal note: While Celestine was out and about doing some errands.our car failed to start,AAA and her Sister were called and instead of towing our car as she requested the driver said that he could get the car started and so that is what he the car was brought home.Then today the did not start so we again called AAA this time the car was towed as requested.A new battery was installed and the charging system was turns out that the battery just failed.The company we bought the battery from pro-rated it and replaced the battery.
Now all is right in the Golch household,well sort of.

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  1. Glad the car is working again. That happened to mine last month and it was the starter. I hate car problems!

  2. I\’m glad it was just a battery. Good for you to get it done. It\’s good when all is well in our households.Have a super duper rest of the weekend. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. Sandee,I\’m just glad that the driver that came today towed the car this time.Celestine and I were not happy that the first one did not do what was asked.

  4. That happened to me not long ago. The AAA guy actually replaced the battery and I didn\’t have to bother with it.

  5. this guy said that it needed a batters,but he was a contractor type and did not carry batteries with him.

  6. What a hassle but good for you it was just a battery and not the alternator or even worse.Hope you have great day!!Jackie:-)

  7. Jackie,I\’m glad that it was just the battery as well.the thought of the not working while my wife is out and about is not fun.

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