Oh hell not again.

In December I wrote about toilet problems that we were having and how both toilets had to be replaced. Well folks we here at Golch Central are having problems again. The powder room toilet is leaking like a sieve and occasionally the upstairs toilet is leaking as well. To top it off the plumber that did the work seems to be dragging his feet saying it is not the toilets. He is coming out tomorrow at take a look at the problem. I hope that we do not have to do something as drastic has having both floors ripped out and redone, but if that what it takes so be it. I can see the money sprouting wings and flying away. Just what we do not need on top of buying our new car and having the windows and back sliding door replaced. I’m getting sick and tired of it always raining on our parade. Right now all I feel like is just playing my games and not visiting any one’s blogs. Maybe tomorrow.

16 Comments on “Oh hell not again.

  1. I wouldn't be happy either, Mike! I hope it's an easy fix. Don't worry about us until you feel like it again!

  2. Play your games and relax Mike. Hopefully it won't be as bad as you are thinking right now. You should have this problem so soon either.Have fun playing your games. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Well hrmffff.. no visit from you… golly gee….I'd be tiffed to Mike with the sh*tters being on the fritz!! Man that is one neccessity you must have.What games do you play?Tammy

  4. Oh, you poor thing. I really sympathize and plumbers cost a fortune. I sure wish I could send Mountain Man to help you. Let us know what happens.

  5. I'm sending good thoughts your way that the bathroom situations will be fixed without too much pain to the wallet.

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  7. Not again Mike! i am so sorry to hear this!Your plumber sounds as if he is as handy with plumbing issues as Walter is.Everything he touches leaks more after he fixes it.Don;t worry about us. You know we all love you and will be here when you are ready to visit again!Although a visit from you is always extra special.I hope you get things back in order soon and can relax and just enjoy!Big hugs,Jackie:-)

  8. Hang in there Mike. It may just be a leaky valve. Hope that it isn't bad. I had to smile about the money sprouting wings. It seems that way some days.

  9. Jackie,thanks.Syd,the sad part it seems to be an intermitent problem.Nicci,I hope so too,especially when it a problem one time and not the next.AIR,time will tell.

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