A great prayer

A Stich in Thyme had this posted and I decided to post it as well.
Heavenly Father,
Humbly I ask for you to watch over the infirm, guide the confused and give peace to those in turmoil. I thank you Father for my sobriety for without you, it would not have been possible. I ask for your will to be the guiding beacon of all men. Please watch over the believers and non believers for we are at your mercy. I pray for the safe keeping of our creatures who come to mean so much to many of us. If my burdens will spare my children, friends, strangers or enemies, please use me as a vessel. I lay my confusion, my troubles & my fears at your feet. If I stumble Lord, please show me how to rise again for there are days when it seems impossible. If I fail, show me courage to try again. If I cry, remind me it too shall pass in it’s due time with the gentle whispers of promise. And when I hurt Father, I will not ask why me but thank you for sparing those I love. If I anger Lord, temper me with your patience and quiet me so I may listen to the spirit. When I loose sight, remind me Lord ~I know the way back to you and though the road is hard and long, it’s well mapped & brightly lit. I am troubled by so many who suffer with illness, both physical & mental. I ask a special prayer of comfort & peace for them. I ask for strength Lord so I may walk in light that you choose to shine on me. Let me bear up the weight of burdens that may fall upon me. Today is especially difficult for me Lord as I am struggling with so much pain & finding it hard to find my strength. I ask for your will to watch over & guide me through this difficult time.
In Jesus name,

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  1. Mike, this is a wonderful prayer. This phrase of it spoke to me and it gave me chills. How to rise again it always so difficult for me.\”please show me how to rise again for there are days when it seems impossible.Congratulations on your two time awards. That is wonderful.

  2. beautiful Mike…really beautiful!! I am keeping you in my prayers too!! I miss you!!I was so pleased to see you stop in!! I must say for myself I am enjoying the relief from dropping.I have canceled all ads through tomorrow and then will be gone for good.I moved over to Adgetize. It costs $14 up front. But, you do have an option to reject ads, as an affiliate you gain points for page views, and, if you drop 60 to 100 drops a day the payback makes the program virtually free.If you check it out..please drop over to my site. I get $5 bucks for everyone who signs up through my site!!Hugs,Jackie:-)

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