Day: September 5, 2009

since I’m on my high horse any way.(post#1335)

with my thanks to Kate from whom I got this one from!

A Rant. (post #1134)

well folks here comes a rant about highly intelligent idiots! The President wants to talk to children during school time to say the importance of getting a good education.I think that is a great idea! this being said there are those dumb asses out… Continue Reading “A Rant. (post #1134)”

Prayers for "The Sarge"

I have a blogger,Sarge Charlie that is a Viet Nam Veteran and avid cruse ship fan.He is in the hospital getting chemo for cancer.Let’s keep him in our prayers as well.

Prayers for my blog friend’Tart.

Hi Folks,I have a new Prayer request,It is for a blogging friend called Jungle Tart.She is going through a rough patch and needs our prayers.

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