goodby to this.

this thing bit the dust last night.I had thought about attaching a funeral durge along with this but that may have been going over board.

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  1. Tamara(TC)yep.I got it replacement already.Now come the fun of learning how to all the stuff on it.Sandee,I can't complain it lasted about 4 years.

  2. Bummer is right Mike. Mine wouldn't scan for ages and now it scans and won't print!! I hope you get a new one soon!!Have a terrific day!!Hugs,Jackie

  3. I've often found that a hammer can work wonders at the end of life for an electronic item…just an alcoholic suggestion lol(note: the same hammer ought to be locked away during Browns games…)

  4. That reminds me I need to put ink in mine. Missed your widget so I thought I'd drop a line to let you know I stopped by. Have fun playing with your new machine.

  5. Jackie,I already have a new one.Scott,I thought of dropkicking it into Lake Erie,but that would be poluting the lake,besides a watery grave for the lexmak would be too good for it.Jude8753,I took the widget down in protest of the policys ofthe \”powers that be' over at entre card,first they cut our EC credit earning in half,now really sucks.

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