the latests one.

With my thanks to KAT for this award.
I know that I’m supposed to give this to 6 bloggers,well unfortunalty I know way to many bloggers that deserve this in the rules are thrown out and every regular commentors get this one.

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  1. Congratulations again Mike! You are a friend to many so this is well deserved!

  2. Mike after getting your note in my blog, i took the liberty of claiming this award. i hope this is the award that you meant in your message. lol!thanks a lot. hugssss for you,Bing

  3. Congratulations Mike! If anyone defines the word friend it is definitely you!!Thank you so much for contacting me about this. I am just thrilled and will get it up today if possible.I'm sorry I didn't get by yesterday but I have been and still am not feeling well!Big hugs,Jackie:-)

  4. thats a big thanks to you MIKE. i am so glad i found a new friend in you. i feel so honored to have an angel for a friend.

  5. Thanks Mike. I love it. We are indeed friends. Fits perfectly.Have a terrific day. ­čÖé

  6. Jackie,you are most welcome,I am honored to have you as a blogging friend.Wanda's Wings,Yep.PinkLady,the same can be said for you as well.Sandee,you are a great blogger and deserve this award,as as being a great friend.Bugs!

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