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Every time I stop following blogs due to the siezures that I have I find more blogs that I am interested in follow.That has got to stop.I do appriciate those blogs that I follow and those that follow me. What am I to do with all 243 blogs listed in my reader???
I think I have come up with a solution.Unfortunaly is is not a good one,and that is to cancel out all the blogs in the reader,and place them in the 3 Blog rolls that I have.Makeing the lists quite larger that they are all ready.
The down side of this is that I will not know when a new posting is being done. I am at a total loss of what I should do.
Any one have any suggestions???

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  1. Okay the first suggestion I will make Mike is this, try to pick a muted background color for your blog. I find that the black on white is very contrasting and hard on the eyes. I have to leave the page and come back sometimes because my eyes give me warnings. OR pick a lighter lettering… such as the charcoal grey… it's slightly duller.Let me know if this an option for you. Feel better! Blessings to you and prayers for healing. Tammy

  2. A stich in Thyme.I am asking for help with figuring out what to do thith the total number of blogs I follow

  3. Mike, just follow a few. Whatever you can handle and no more. You don't have to visit folks every single day. Do what is best for you. I'm guessing that you could follow say 20 and no more. If the Google reader is giving you seizures then get rid of it. Just visit those that you are close to when you feel like it.Another way is say visit 10 folks on your blogroll each day. The next day the next 10. It will help lessen your load.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  4. I'm sorry that I don't have any great ideas.I love the reader so I know about the new postings too. My only idea is to go through it and take out the ones you never hear from and the ones you find you never comment on. It's one way to thin the rolls. I have to do this myself, because I keep adding too.I'm afraid if you add too many to the side bar, it will load slowly and it will be overwhelming.Good luck with whatever you do.

  5. Just read what you can, Mike. Hang in there!! 😉 As soon as it causes you distress, it's harder to enjoy it.

  6. Grandy,thank you that is what I do now.I just do not want to have a seizure while typing like I did the other day and scared the living daylights out of a lot of good folks.

  7. Well you know I'm no help. I have 14 followers. I can't imagine keeping up with 243. But, yea, you are a popular and much loved guy. Just stopping by to say hello.

  8. Sandee,Great Idea.Just follw who I can.JC,I have a total of 85 followers you can see the list.I have the 243 listed in my reader.

  9. MIKE, i follow a few good stuff and post their updates on my sidebar (YOU ARE ONE OF THEM). the rest of the blogs i follow, i have a general list of it ( blogroll ) which i already moved to its own page and can be readily accessed through the navigation bar. those of friends are on the sidebar so i would easily know when a new post is up and they are \”PRIORITY\” if i get the time to make my rounds. those blogs who have not updated for over a month go back to the general list (sometimes a painful process because some of them have really become good friends). i put them back once they are on the go again.whenever i have more time to surf and after going through friends' updates, that's when i go check those in my general blogroll. again, they are just one click away (navigation bar) anyway.i hope this helps. =)blessings to you,Bing

  10. Mike Sandee is right on this one. I don't even ever look at who I am or not following. Or, who is following me or not.I have a certain few, one is you, that I do try to visit everyday. But, I don't always make it.Some times I can only make it every other day.The most important thing now is your health. We all love you and will be here when you have the time to visit us.Your health is the most important thing above all. If you're not well then you won't be able to visit anyone!!Big big hugs and prayers that you get some relief and have a good week!!Jackie:-)

  11. Wanda's Wings,PinkLady,Shinade,I guess I will just start cutting down the reader list,and just have to stop adding new blogs to the reader.

  12. Mike,I agree with most of the comments here, your health is the priority. But PinkLady had the best idea, just put a few in your regular reads blogroll, and visit the rest as you can, if you can.Take care,:) Kat

  13. Mike, just read what you can. I like Google Reader but don't get through everyone's blogs for 3-4 days each week. I can only read so much, especially with so much else going on. Hope that your health is better.

  14. I used to visit all my favourite blogs every day to see if they'd posted anything new so Google Reader was a godsend to me.I can only suggest that you pare down the blogs on your reader – I had to do this and took out the ones that didn't reciprocate with comments.

  15. I know what you mean about the Reader being full. I had over 1000 unread blog entries, and one day I just had to click \”mark all as read\”. I couldn't do it. I'd say don't stress it too much. Just visit those who visit you and are on your blogroll when you have the time and are feeling well 🙂

  16. Kat,Syd,Akelamalu and Momisodes,thank you.what I think I might do is to pare down some of the blogs.A lot of times if I'm not commenting on their blogs they are not commenting on my blog as well.

  17. Mike, just visit who you can and when you can, not to stress friend. Hope you are feeling well and all is good.~Blessings~

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