I just had to.

I got this gem from Don over on beyond left field. and just had to post it,the posting I got it from “Your Cell Phone or Your life” is a great read.

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  1. Amen to this! I cannot stand people especially talking on their cell phones while driving. They ARE NOT paying attention and will still at green lights not knowing that it changed from red to green and I am behind them going balastic!!!

  2. This is my post to DON:I personally am sick and tired of having to alter MY life because other people don't want to police their OWN actions. When i'm in a public area and someone's phone goes off, i'll be honest, I say something and don't much care what anyone thinks. It's common courtesy to put your mind, eyes and ears on matters at hand, not matters that interupt.Technology is wonderful but i'm feeling like human nature is slipping away from all of us. We are all paying th price for this and it's only getting worse. Good for you!!!

  3. Just Be real,something that gets my goat ti the asshats that talk on their cell phones in hospitals especially right under the sign that says TURN YOU CELL PHONE OFF!!!!!A Stich In Thyme,this all boils down to one thing,no common sence!

  4. Talking on them is bad news,and when the idiots start texting while drivenig that is just down right STUPID.

  5. Don is one of my regular reads. He's a hoot isn't he. This post is just his approach to irritating things.Have a terrific day pal. Big hug. ­čÖé

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