The Doors

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  1. Okay don't shoot but I never really liked the doors. I like maybe on one hand how many of their songs I sing to. But then, I didn't like hendrix or the stone for the most part either….heck of entrance I'm making here huh? ­čÖé

  2. A Stich In Thyme,This is the great thing about this blog you are allowed to disagree with the things that get posted here.Some of the stuff the Doors did I enjoy.The samr thing applies to the Rolling Stones.

  3. Have you read the biography of Jim Morrison, \”No one Here Gets Out Alive\”? It is good. They were good. That generation of rockers was good.

  4. Syd,I think I did read that book a some time ago.That Generation of Rockers were good,a lot of good music came out of that Generation,not just rock.

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