This is why I do what I do.

I post prayer request and different things to honor our service men and women.this is one of the reasons for why I do this,I was left this comment on Operation Thank A Vet;and wanted to share it with you.
Mike this is a wonderful thing!! I can’t bring myself to watch it.

Bill’s unit goes for training in two weeks and they went on the roster for deployment a couple of months ago.

Please all prayers are so needed and welcomed. Three times Mike…we are all very concerned!! I can’t give you his full name. But he is a Sergeant. God knows his name.

He’s done Dessert Storm, Iraq, and now Afghanistan…it’s just too too close to my heart. It will also drain every drop out of my satellite connection.

Congratulations to Sandee and congratulations to you!! WowZer…you really got yourself a very special contributor!!

Sandee is the top of the tops and I love her to death!! I have no clue how she keeps as she already does!! She is one amazing person!!

Thanks you for the tribute to our soldiers. It is very hard for them and their families!!

Big hugs Mike,

Jackie,I am honored to do this for military members,during the Viet Nam war,The Servicemen and women were looked down upon due to the un-popularity of the war that was wrong to do. I was spit on for wearing my uniform into my high school while on leave.the young man that did was reminded to people in uniforms have given their lives for him to be able to what he did.

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  1. It's a cause worth doing. I have 9 brothers. All but two served. I served. My father, uncles, g'parents…. they need us to hold up our causes. They need to have a home & humanity to come home to.Nice of her to take the time to let you know the good job your doing.

  2. I also appreciate what you do Mike. As you know the military is close to my heart, with my son in the army. I'm so sorry for the way you were treated when you served and I pray that our country never does that again.

  3. AirmanMom,thank you.A Stich In Thyme,that to you and your family for serving our country.Mari,I pray that never happens again as well.Yes every one has a right to disagree with our government's policys and actions.Just do not take it out on our servicemen and women.They do not have a choise in the matter.

  4. Akelamalu,just doing what I need to do as do other bloggers out there who Homoe out Military as well.

  5. You do a wonderful thing here, Mike.We all need to thank you for that.You have an extremely big heart.Hugs to you,Kat

  6. Kat,I just try to give Credit where Credit is due.I have alwaya believed in our Military and always will.the govenments policies,well that is up for debate.

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