As you can see I found a three column template for the harbor design. Now I just have to re-add the other stuff I want.This is what I was trying to do several weeks ago. My Thanks to Sandee for her guidence in finding this template.

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  1. Way cool Mike. I'm glad you finally have your three-column template. It's awesome. You're welcome on the help. I just knew how much you wanted the three-column look.Have fun. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Somehow I feel I've missed an awful lot on your blog. Did you crash? I lost about 80 post on my blog but for a more personal reason. It takes time to rebuild but it looks like your getting there. If you need any help, just give a shout out.

  3. Sandee,I'm glad that I finally was able to get the three column as well.Just Be real give me a day or two to do just that.A stich In Thyme,No it just getting blog makeover that stuff will be back it may take me a couple of days though.

  4. Mari,this is what I was trying to do before that I goofed up so badly.I still have a lot of work to do on this to get back to ehere I want it to be.

  5. I don't pay attention to stuff like blog designs, but I wanted something different. What do ya know? I chose the Harbor Design, too. I changed some of the stuff like a larger font and colors, but the same design. Great minds think alike, I guess.

  6. I like the new layout. I'm thinking about going to a 3 column layout but now I'm worried since it seems like it may be a lot of work….

  7. Skeri,there is some work involved.I found the templete for this one as it is from a link at the bottom of my blog marked as distributed by free blogger templates. this is where I found the templete that I am using now.

  8. I like your blog bro… THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your service,a dn to all our serving military, vets and emergency peeps…and thanks for your site, man :-)go browns

  9. Scott,thank for that.I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with me.Momisodes,I'm glad you like the re-work.

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