As the say says the 1,000Th posting.My reflection of my past present and Future.
Well folks here go the big milestone.
One of the suggestions was to hold a virtual blog party,I would if I knew how.
One of the other suggestiohs was to show how I started and how the blog has progressed. I did some of that and I did a perspective on how I got to this point.

I think I will start with the first posting that I did:
the title of this first posting was called Stuff.

Well I guess I must confess that 1)I’m new at this 2) I will probably come across as being silly,but who cares. 3)if common ties had not changed it’s format I probably would never be doing this.I really enjoyed the stories that I have read and commented on.


Grandy said…

Well…welcome aboard Mike!! 🙂

It’s crazy fun here in the blogosphere. I only started in October, and I’m hooked.

Happy New Year!!
Monday, December 31, 2007 3:05:00 AM EST
Kelly O said…

Welcome! We’re happy to have you here. 🙂
Thursday, January 3, 2008 7:21:00 PM EST
Mike Golch said…

Grandy thank you for stopping by.
Kelly O thanks for the comment as well.Mike
That being said I still enjoy reading the stories written on the different blogs that I follow.
The more thing change they stay the same.I still do not care if I come across as silly.
that being said those that have been following me has seen the direction of this blog change in different ways. once upon of time it was filled with rants against products,and people,and things that just aggravated me to no end. Sometimes my post still do. Now I also celebrate life and ask for prayers for those that need it.

Let’s explore the side of me that does not get mentioned as much as maybe it should.I have been know to pull the most stupidest stunts while growing up. Once my partner in crime Irv and I played urban wall climbing,we started out on a street called Train Ave.Right below a bridge carrying Fulton road over it.Mind you between the two of them was a lot of space.I do not know the exact distance it is from the top of the bridge down to Train Ave.Nor do I really want to.All I know is that we climbed up to the top of the bridge via the supporting wall and a brick building.It took a long time for 2 teenagers to climb it,and by the time we reached the top of it we were 2 tuckered out kids.Our parents never knew about this stunt,good thing we would have been grounded for life. At my Mom’s wake in 2003 Irv’s sister Judy finally spilled the beans about this stunt.Irv’s Mom Betty shot me such a look to say you did what?I think she would have grounded Irv if she had the chance.there were other dumb thing we did when were kids.What kid does not do these thing.I think that is where the saying that what does not kill you makes you stronger.
Fast forward to senior High School,I attended Max S.Hayes vocation training high school.I majored in Electronics.I’m not saying I was the most ambitious kid there I could have applied my self a lot more.One of the other Kids at the High School was Rodger Golba he and I were the class clowns.As every one know you have the Valedictorian an the Salutatorian.(the top 2 of the class)
Rodger and I ended up as the VAl and Sal of the other.Rodger was the val and I was the sal of the other end.I am not proud of my performance in school. Our class the class of January 1971 were the last January graduating class of the school.As of July 1971 there was only the June graduations from that point on.I am proud on one thing and That I that I am a Letterman. I have a big H that I was able to place on my high school it was not for a glamorous sport like basketball or wrestling as those were the prime sports at the school.I got mine for being a (sigh) Cheerleader.
After Graduation I held several jobs losing the all because: 1) I was”too young” ,and here’s my favorite one 2) “You do not have enough experience”.How are you supposed to get the experience if you cannot keep the job??
So now this leads me to joining the first I said I wanted to join the Navy as did one of my Cousins did.Dad would hear nothing of that Idea,we argued about which service I should go into.Finally we agreed on the US Air Force,after all He had served in the US Army Air Force and had been apart of the occupational forces in Japan after the war.
while in the service(1971-1974) I did a crazy thing when I got to my firstperminate(my squadron assignment) party base. I was part of the 2951st C.L.S.S.I had bought a Honda 350cc motorcycle.It really improved my sense of balance. that is where my drinking really took off.Among other things.(yes I did drugs as well,that stopped when I got married) when I turned 21 I got married for the first time by 26 I was divorced.while that was going on I really got my butt into trouble because of my drinking.You have to make sure you have money in the account when you rite the check.I thought I did,but when you live in an alcoholic fog you forget to keep track of the balance.Nedless to say I found my self in a bad place,and by the grace of God I did not got to jail.But that is for a different day.
Fast forward to today.After trying to believe I could handle my drinking(HAH) I finally ended up in A.A. for the longest time in my life.I had my last drink DECEMBER 17,1990.
I have been gratefully married to my second wife and my better half Celestine now for 29 years.
so now you know a lot more about me.I know there is still a lot more I can say and will in future posting.


  1. Congrats, Mike! I'm so glad you are blogging! Your posts are always thoughtful.I'm looking forward to 1,000 more!~AM

  2. it will take me a couple of years to reach that mile stone.I'll settle for 1260,(that is as WIXY 1260 SUPERRADIO!)

  3. Congrats on 1000 posts!. I was in the military in the 70s and know a little about the drinking and all, and the trouble it can lead to.

  4. Mike – congrats on 1000 posts! That's a lot of writing. I've enjoyed reading your look back and I must say that I'm not surprised you were the class clown. You are still fun!

  5. wow what a soulful post this is! MIKE, we all made mistakes in the past. these were the sum total of all the wrong choices we made. but look at you now… you are a better person, a better spouse, a better friend because of all the things you have learned along the way.keep on blogging, MIKE. we all have a lot to learn from you. i feel so blessed to have found your blog among millions out there. GOD BLESS!Bing

  6. congratulations on your thousandth post! whatever and whoever you were in the past, you truly have transformed yourself into an angel now. you bless the lives of many people by your simple gestures. keep on blogging MIKE! =)Hugs for you,Bing

  7. Pat,I guess drinking and maybe even druggin for some of us came with the territory,I do not know.Mari,class clown or jock that was the choises.I was too un co-ordinated to be a jock.PinkLady,God had a hand in writing this posting,I had asked for his guidence for the posting that this became.

  8. Congratulations on reaching 1,000 posts. I don't know if I will reach that number, but it is another mile stone for you to celebrate. Congratulations on your sobriety too. That was and is a very difficult thing to do, and it shows your strength and character. I'm proud of you – even though you chose AF over Navy.Why was your father so against you going Navy?

  9. Happy 1000th post Mike. Thanks for sharing some of your life with the rest of us. Some of this I knew, but most I didn't. Very well done.Have a super day. Big hug. 🙂

  10. CofeePot,He was Army Air Force and decided that I would go in the AirForce as well.I don't know if I should have re-upped in the Navy after I got out.Matbe if I would have been single I would have.

  11. Sandee,I decided with God's help that I shoud share a bigger part of me with this milestone.There is much more to share and I will sometime in the future.

  12. Well congratulations Mike on your 1000th post – that's some going!It was interesting reading more about you, I feel as though I know you a little better now. 🙂

  13. Akelamalu there is more to share about the good abd bad parts of me that I have not posted about yer.some of the stuff I am too embaressed to do so.

  14. Congratulations Mike. You are always uplifting to others. You have a great positive attitude.

  15. I'm late but I hope late is better than never! Congratulations Mike!!You deserve all of the best the world could possibly give!!Big hugs,Jackie:-)

  16. Shinade,there is no such thing as being late here at Golch Central.Thank you for stoppping by and commenting.

  17. Mike,Congratulations on reaching such a momentous milestone. I loved what you shared with us about being the clown, about your problems with alcoholic haze, the military and your wonderful second marriage.May many blessings abound in your life. Your blog has been an inspiration.

  18. Speedcat I though for this mile stone I would open up more about my past.Moutain Woman,Thank you.I just started to blog to have an outlet for being such a stuck at home person.I have been letting bits and pieces about myself for a long time maybe not here but in different comments I have made here in the land of Blog.I am greatful to be part of this great community.

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