why me?

my computer was invaded by a virus pretending to be an anti-virus protection program.It may have gotten in via Facebook or twitter or something else. in any case I am withdrawing from Twitter and Facebook.I cannot go thru what I have gone thru today not to mention the cost involved.

As of 7:50Pm today I have deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts.I am not going to go thru this again.as I posted once K.I.S.S.! I even wrote myself a note telling me that I should NEVER,EVER JOIN FACEBOOK AND TWITTER AGAIN. SORRY FOR NOT FOLLOWING EVERY ONE i WAS FOLLOWING ON THOSE ACCOUNTS.

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  1. I'm so sorry Mike. Some of the communities out there are more trouble then they are worth. Those few bad apples that spoil it for others. Hope you get this issue straightened out soon.Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Mari,the people that do this are just plain evil.No Ifs ands or buts!Sandee,I finally have my computer back to factory settings,that being sain I still have to put my printer software back in and every thing else that I had before I got attacked. I hope that the person who caused this will burn in the hottest part of hell.

  3. Oh no!!! Wise move Mike. Don't want you to lose your precious programs…..yes people that create these virus are hateful evil people!!!

  4. Computer viruses stink out loud. Sorry that happened to you Mike.

  5. Just Be Real and Jennifer,it is a good thing that you did not hear the garbaged that came spewing out of my mouth over this today.

  6. Fortunately, I'm a blogger. I don't do twitter, have facebook (but don't look at it as facecrack)…but I love my blogging!Hang in there Mike. I'll keep looking for you here!~AM

  7. We went through something similar a few months ago, and ended up reformatting the whole computer. It sure was a lot of work to get everything set back up. Sorry this happened to you.

  8. It's best to have anti-virus software especially for a PC. I use a Mac so it's not as bad. McAffee is a good virus protection system.

  9. That same virus has gotten me before too Mike. Not sure where it came from though. Sorry that happened to you!

  10. Mike I got the same virus months ago. I was able to get software thru work to get rid of it but OMG what an ordeal. I got it from listening to internet radio, I've never used Twitter or Facebook. I don't listen to internet radio anymore that is for sure and I sure do miss it. I loved the jazz and solo piano stations.

  11. I'm glad that you're getting things straightened out Mike. You're right…the viruses and the people who put them out there are evil.

  12. Daisy,that is exactly what I had to do as well.Syd,the agrevating thing is that I have the Mcafee protection in this computer,it go infected anyway.Angel,sorry that it happend to you as well.JC,thanks for that info.the internet radio will not be used by me any more as well.Dori,I hope the person who created the virus that attacked had their ears burning with all that I said.That cannot be posted here.

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