Month: May 2009

Prayers needed

On The Prayer Hubs is a request for need our prayers that her situation improves.

A great blog (in my opion)

Today I am highligting a great blog called One Tank Trips blog.It is done by Mr. Neil Zurcker. So Please go and check out his blog.

Prayers for Anonymous Drifter

I just saw a prayer request posted by Anonymous Drifter. Her sister in law needs our prayers.

an update about Carol.

Carol has unfortunaly passwed away from her injuries.Please keep the family in your prayes now more than ever.Please keep Kenny in your prayers as he goes through the grief of losing Carol and the guilt about the accident that happend.

Ashtabula County Covered Bridge 17 construction May 7, 2008 I posted this when the Smolen-Gulf bridge was under condstruction,and decided to repost it.

The Longest Covered Bridge.

This is the Newest Covered bridge in Astabula County,Ohio SMOLEN-GULF (2.6 miles from Olin Bridge)The longest covered bridge in the United States is of Pratt Truss construction. Engineering and structural design by John Smolen (former County Engineer) and architectural design by Timothy Martin (current… Continue Reading “The Longest Covered Bridge.”

Prayers for Kenny and Carol

My friend Phyllis has posted a prayer request for her friends,Keny and Carol,they were in a motorcycle crash and Carol is on Life support and is unresponsive.Letts keep them in our prayers. this prequest is also posted on The Prayer Hubs.

Prayers for Jeremy.

Jeremy needs out prayers.His family suffered a loss over the holiday weekend. Follow the link and offer your support.

A Prayer request.

My friend Phyllis has a prayer request posted for a friend of hers Albert fell off a ladder and was hurt bad.Please keep him in your prayers.Thank You.I have a second person to add,Mountain Woman has posted a prayer request as well.

Things that make me happy.

as the picture shows,I’ve been tagged to do this meme of 6 things that make me happy by Mary. over at Mary’s Writing are the rules: I name the person who tagged me, list six things that are unimportant but that make me… Continue Reading “Things that make me happy.”

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