that’s it for today.

I feel so lousey that I’m going to roll myself uyp into a big ball and sit in a corner out of everyone’s way.that how I feel about going the the dentist and even doctiors appointments.I’m too much of a effing burden I guess.good night.

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  1. You are not a burden. You are a blessing and there is a solution out there. I\’m still praying. Hugs.

  2. Mike i am so sorry that your day has been such a tough one. It does not seem right that the dentist is not wanting to treat you because of your seizures. I will be saying a prayer for you my friend. Hugs.

  3. I am sorry things are hard, but I know for sure that you are not a burden. Sending love and prayers.

  4. You\’re having a rough time of it. Surely there must be a solution to your dentist woes. It\’s just a matter of finding it. Hang in there and remember, you\’re not a burden.

  5. No!You are not the one who is a burden.Professionals who don\’t know to do their work are the burden, not you.As I said at the other post:Don\’t take it personal.The problem is him, not you.I understand the feeling of not trusting physicians.You will find someone who is a real pro.I assure you.

  6. Mari,Tracy,Nicci,Anonymous Drifter,ans Ana,thank you all for your kind words.I\’m feeling better today.I have been going to the hospitial dental clinic for about a year and a half now,when I go for my cleanings the dental hygenist is kind and patient and alow the seizures to run its course and begins again.the dentists,there are different story.they act like that their time is so precious that they do not want to wait for the seizures to settle down.

  7. No Mike, you aren\’t a burden. Sounds like you are experiencing some serious blues. I will say a prayer for you.

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