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I went to see a dentist at the hospital,because my regular dentist would not longer treat ME due to the seizures.well today I went to have some fillings fixed.I had take the extra medication that they said I had to take the meds would enable them to do the work on me.
Well they got it wrong all it did was make me drowsy enough that I had several seizures.this time the seizures were the milder kind where I would just blank out with my eyes open and not seeing any thing. So now they are contacting my dental plan to see if they can completely put me out under general Anestassia to do the work. If the insurance will cover it.of not I do not know what were are going to do.

Let me add a post script.I have been going to the hospital dental clinic for about a year and a half now.whenI go for my annual cleaning and check up the dental hygienist takes her time and is patient enough to let the seizure finish and than continues where she left off.the dentist there are just like my former dentist they do not want to wait.I guess their time is too valuable to wast wanting for the seizure to stop.

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  1. I\’m sorry to hear about this issue. I\’ll add it to my prayer list. The seizures are bad enough without adding to other problems.

  2. Mari,thank you.the really sad thing is that when this happens and even these dentists act like they want nothing to do wim me where in the hell do I turn to.Am I just supposed to let my teeth rot out than use a pair of plyiers and pull themout me self?

  3. Dang Mike, that must have been some experience. I am so terrible when it comes to even considering going to a DDS. I do hope your insurance will be able to cover the \”knock-out\” plan.

  4. Yikes Mike. This is awful. I hope they can get the okay from your insurance company. You need your teeth checked regularly. What a shame you can\’t find a dentist that knows what they are doing. Just saying.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  5. Just Be real I do also.Sandee, these dentists are all read good at what they do.They arte so afraid of getting sued that if a person has a physicl proglem,that don\’t want to deal with the person.I guess that they are afriad of getting sued.Maybe I should threaten to sue for not taking care of me.

  6. What a human being this dentist is!\”No, I will not treat you because your seizures makes me lose an extra half an our taking care of you.\”Give me a break!I hope you find a decent person.Don\’t take it personally. He will act like this with all patients that presents him any problem. I bet he does not treat children.These are the scum professionals.

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