A Better day.

I’m over that blue funk that I was in yesterday.I guess that I really need to sleep off the effects of the extra medication that I had to take at the dentist’s orders.

10 Comments on “A Better day.

  1. A.D.so am I.Themeds were to suppress the seizures.it did help with the seizures they were just the stairing kind and not the shaking ones that I have at times.

  2. Dear Mike,I\’m sorry you were having a hard time at the dentist\’s and glad that you are feeling better now.(((Hugs, Mike)))Tart

  3. Akelamalu,so am I I just did not like the way i was treated and the leftover effects of the meds that I had to take.

  4. Mike – I\’m still sorry about the way things went yesterday, but I\’m so hapopy to hear you are having a better day.

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