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that’s it for today.

I feel so lousey that I’m going to roll myself uyp into a big ball and sit in a corner out of everyone’s way.that how I feel about going the the dentist and even doctiors appointments.I’m too much of a effing burden I guess.good… Continue Reading “that’s it for today.”

just a quick note

I went to see a dentist at the hospital,because my regular dentist would not longer treat ME due to the seizures.well today I went to have some fillings fixed.I had take the extra medication that they said I had to take the meds would… Continue Reading “just a quick note”

Fun at Golch Central NOT!

As the Title states we have not been having fun here at Golch Central.Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and had between ten and fifteen small seizures. Then this Morning around 2:15 am Celestine was moaning,I thought that she was having a nightmare.Wrong. She… Continue Reading “Fun at Golch Central NOT!”