Day: January 26, 2009

Thank you Sandee.

Sandee over at comedy plus gave these to me and I’m greatful to have them. as I giving these away to every on who has left a comment this month.

prayer request.

I was just doing some visiting and I ran across a prayer request. Mishel she could use our prayers.Use the link and you will see why.

Yeah it’s like that.

with temps in the single digits this weekend,yeah it’s like that.

just in case you noticed.News from Golch central.

from the computer of Golch Central.I decided to add my flickr account to this blog from the now dead wordpress blog. Now for a postscript from Saturday. When we woke up on Saturday the house was colder (55*) than it is normally set for(70*).the… Continue Reading “just in case you noticed.News from Golch central.”

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