Yeah it’s like that.

with temps in the single digits this weekend,yeah it’s like that.

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  1. Well, Mike, I see you did swipe my kitten. Isn\’t he/she cute even if frozen?Have a good week, Mike.

  2. Sara,It could be a lot worse.we have had days where it was below zero.and than the wind chills were something that I would not care to comment about.

  3. Brrrrr…..I like the cold, but not THAT cold. I think it\’s about 30 here today, to go a little lower this week and maybe we\’ll get a bit of snow?I have a flickr account too but don\’t have it linked yet as I haven\’t added anything there is some time. I should though. I really enjoy taking pictures. Stay warm!!

  4. You could have played Awww…Monday\’s with this picture. Just saying.Have a super warm day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  5. I saw that you had deleted the Awards blog and WordPress blog. I was thinking about starting a blog that JUST had my blogroll but I\’m not sure if I\’m going to do that or not. Your thoughts about that?Be blessed Mike!Jen

  6. Jennifer,the reason I deleted the awards blog was that I was not posting the awards to it,I was posting awards to this site so that one went bye-bye and the wordpress one I kinda abandoned as I just decided to just have this one blog.

  7. I actually got warm in a couple of places today. It was nice.It is now clear that we need to do something about our windows.

  8. Oh my we have been very cold here at night too!For our part of the world we are freezing to death down here.I have been away from Maine for a long time and gotten use to mild winters.Oh yes Mike I apologize for not having you linked at my site. I thought I did. But, I just checked and I didn\’t have a link.But I do now!:-)

  9. I can relate.there were times that I thought people in the Sacramento are were bundled up complaining it was cold and I just looked at the thing they really would not survive in a midwestern winter,now would they?

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