Thank you Sandee.

Sandee over at comedy plus gave these to me and I’m greatful to have them. as I giving these away to every on who has left a comment this month.

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  1. Dear Mike,I came to your blog and read the Serenity prayer in it\’s entirety. Thank you for posting that. It\’s of comfort to me. Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger friend. I mean that. These awards are really nice. I will post them eventually on my blog – thank you for giving them out.:)Sincerely, Tart

  2. Tart,I\’m glad that I have the pleasur of your friendship,even if we have never meet in person I treasure you as a friend.

  3. You are most welcome Mike. You so deserve them. You have been an exceptional blogging buddy.Have a terrific day. I\’m hoping you are feeling much better by not having all the other blogging things to do. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. I want to thank you Mike for all the Prayer requests that you gather from other blogs and post on yours. Your dedication and prayers means a lot. Congratulations on your awards! Hope you have a great week and are staying warm.

  5. Sandee,Wanda\’s Wings and Southern Mom thank you all for stopping by.I fell blessed to have you a blogging buddies.

  6. Thanks for the comments you left on my post…and congratulations on your awards…you certainly deserve them…

  7. Hey Mike…as you know we\’ve been on the road for over two weeks and my chances to visit have been few…not much time and no WiFi in many places…Congrats on your awards. Well Deserved !

  8. Congrats on the awards! Hope all is going well with you! Take care!FD

  9. Hi MIke, Life has been very busy lately for myself, and i havent had a chance to get to my blogger friends blogs! I just wanted you to know i feel so blessed you are in my life as a blogger friend. Congrats on the blogger awards. They are certainly deserved! (((Hugs)))) I hope your day is a blessed one.

  10. Hey ther Mike! Hows the dulcimer playing going? I actually picked up the mandolin the other day and played some tunes. Was a lot of fun. I need to do it more.

  11. Swampy,thanks for stopping by,when I was st your blog the other day I got the Idea for this weeks Flashback Friday song.Fitness Diva,Thank you.Tracy,yeh it has been kinda hectic around here as well.Gene Bach,thanks for stopping by.Momisodes,Thank you I hope that you took the awards for your self.

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