I just do not get it.

on the previous post i said I was having trouble loading the goodie I just got.
every one know the steps to post a picture to blogger,I hope. any way I clicked to post a pic button and clicked the browse button,than hit the up load botton than the done button. than you are supposed to see the picture that you are posting while writting a comment.well that is not what I saw. what I saw was a bunch of giberish.and I had thought that blogger had lost it’s electronic mind. botton line is that the picture did post the proper way even if it did not look right,on the screen where you write your post before publishing it.
I love being made to look like a knucklehead by the electronic media.

5 Comments on “I just do not get it.

  1. Did you have the edit html tab chosen when you were doing the post? It will show a bunch of gobbeldy goop when that is chosen. I also like to use Windows Live writer to do my post. Its MUCH easier to load pictures.

  2. You changed your template. Everything is much smaller now. Good for you.Blogger does weird things from time to time. It just does. Have a great day Mike. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Valarie lea,I don\’t think I was doing any thing with the html.unless I did something by accedent.Sandee, every now and than I do make some changes just to be different.

  4. Yeah, that happens to me all the time. you had the HTML button pushed accidentally. If you hit preview, everything should show normally.Like the new layout!Sara

  5. Sara,I was wondering what I did wrong I\’ll have to be careful that I donot hit that again.I\’m glad you like the new look This is the second or third change this wekk.I just can not settle on thr right look.

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