I give up.

Comment LUV has a way to add it to blogger now.I tried and have given up in the attempt to do so. part of the process is to use a product called JS-KIT to import the comments in order to add comment luv to your blogger site.
the aggravating part is the the js-kit software keeps failing and i have reported this failure to js-kit to no avail they have yet to respond back to me with a way to fix the problem. today I sent a blistering email to their “support staff” thanking them for their great help NOT!! there fore I will not add comment luv to this site as I wanted to. I just Give up. all because of some effing Bozos at js-kit cannot get their act together.So this message is for you jokers,why don’t you go take a long walk off a short pier!

11 Comments on “I give up.

  1. I\’m sorry this is happening to you. Customer service is lacking in some places. Have a great day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Customer service isn\’t what it use to be. Hope you will be able to get a satisfactory solution.Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Sometimes it\’s just more frustrating than it\’s worth! I\’ve never even heard of JS-KIT and I guess that\’s a good thing. lol Hopefully their customer service people will start paying attention to the complaints!! xox

  4. Hey, I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery, but wanted to drop by and comment on your latest post. I still read lots of posts but cannot type for extended periods of time, so my commenting is limited. I enjoyed this post and I am glad I dropped by.peace,Mikelivelife365

  5. Linda,I have I will just not add comment luv to this site.Pea,it does not matter any more.Mike thanks for stopping by.I hope that you get totaled healed up real soon.

  6. Just checking in, Mike. Hope things are going well. I\’m wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and many wonderful, healthy days in the future!

  7. Hang in there Mike. I am very techno challenged so good luck. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Hi Mike,My apologies for the delay on our responding to your support request. We work very hard to resolve all issues with our code and obviously dropped the ball here. I have started researching your support request and we will get back to you as soon as I uncover the problem.You and your readers are also welcome to contact me directly at anytime: khris at js-kit.comKhrisCo-Founder JS-Kit

  9. So sorry to hear Mike. Looks like you may have finally grabbed he attention of someone who can help. hope he does.

  10. Southern Mom,thank for stopping by.and a happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well.JC,I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.Khris,thank you.Mommysodes,I guess I did,all it took was a nasty note. Hum maybe I sould do the same to the V.A.? than again maybe not.

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