If this had happend to you,I’m sorry.

to every one. some BOZZO had mananged to breach my GMAIL ACCOUNT and has been sending spam in my name.If you have recieved any of this garbage I’m sorry that it has happened. I reported this to GOOGLE.I have made some changes in my password and hopefully some of the damange has been contained.

this being said,I have lost one of my followers I hope that I do not lose the rest.

I have mananged to shut down one of the breached accounts and the second one will be shut down as well as soon as I can save my contact list of the GMAIL account.

this has caused me pain and I’ve become very depressed and sick over this.

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  1. I\’m so sorry this happened! That is so scary. I didn\’t notice anything in my inbox. Hope everything gets worked out.

  2. I will end up dumping my email account.I do not think that there is any email accounts safe. the same thing happend to my Yahoo mail account.

  3. Sara, the really sad thing is that I have had a bad week so far because of the seizures now this crap. Oh well I guess I\’ll just curl up into a ball and go to slleep in my bed.

  4. I was just on live chat with Verizon yesterday because I am getting spam mail from myself. Or rather someone using my email addy to send pharmacy adds. They said it\’s happening to others and their engineers are working on the problem. They gave me an email to attached the spam to. I haven\’t had anyone tell me they are getting spam from me though. So far it just seems to be coming TO ME.Hang in there. The internet is a wonderful thing, but it has it\’s glitches.I noticed your Shelfari this time. You sure like action adventure books! Happy reading! 🙂

  5. Hopefully this will work itself out shortly. I\’m very sorry that it happened to you. There must be something in gmail that is easy for them to get around. Don\’t know. Have a great day Mike. Big hug. 🙂

  6. Ohhh…poor Mike…hope it all gets better! What a shame. Really just stopped in to say \”Hi\” and wish you a great day!Noticed your shelfari, also. Love Cussler! A great read!

  7. Sandee,I do not know who ever it was has stopped sending me spam as me.Hulagirlatheart,bummer.Southern Mom,I have enjoyed his style of writing.

  8. Very scary. I have worried that someone could do this to my blogger account. I think I will beef up my password. Thanks for the heads up, and I am really sorry to hear about this. Must be a nightmare.Once a widget started sending POP UPs to my blog. Not very good ones either. Be careful with widgets, and I usually change the code in them to NEVER allow access.HOpe things work out my friend.Eric \”SpeedyCat\”

  9. Mike I\’m sorry. Don\’t let that idiot get to you. Hang in there my friend.BIG {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} and prayers that your week will improve mightily!

  10. This is very unfortunate. It\’s a shame members in our society, who apparently have WAY too much time on their hands, resort to things like this instead of doing something useful.

  11. Jennifer,I\’m getting over it.and Yes that idiot will not win I will.I.C. I agree,there is not enough time in a day for me to do something as childishand or foolish.

  12. The spammer doesn\’t necessarily have to breach your account to send out e-mails that look like they\’re coming from your account. They can spoof your address using any one of dozens of applications that make that possible. Someone who receives the e-mail needs to forward one of the to spam@google.com (I think it is) and they can read the header information to see where they are really coming from.I\’m sorry this happened to you, but I\’m even more sorry that one of your regulars would assume your were responsible without checking with you.

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