I just had to.

Mari had this up and it is a form of a double dog dare. you are asked to share your most klutzy moment. Mine was when I was running to a back-up can in the jail and ended up tripping over my own two feet in front of several of my coworkers. They appluded to make me feel better,I just took a bow and then we continued to run to the back up.

Now here is my DOUBLE DOG DARE take the 100% CERTIFIED KLUTZ certificate and share your most klutzy moment.

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  1. Good one! You reacted in just the right way. You have to be able to laugh at yourself in those situations!

  2. I tripped going up to make a speech once in High School. The platform was hollow so my heeled shoe made a LOUD noise when I caught myself from falling. I instantly stopped and curtsied in front of the audience and then made my way to the podium. Later one of my teachers told me that my reaction with the curtsy was the coolest recovery he had ever seen and was proud of me.So yeah, Klutzy but not a tragedy!

  3. I\’m going to have to do this next week! I love it. The only problem would be… where to start, and when to stop! lol Oh the stories I could share!

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