A prayer request.

one of our friends,Valarie Lea, is asking for prayers for her Mom. So lets add her mom to our prayers and go and offer som morale support as well.Thank you.Mike

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  1. Oh, Mike! I just love the award in the post below. I will read about that once I\’m through here. I will pray for your friend\’s mother and will drop by to offer some morale support.Hope you\’re doing well. We have the apartment finished and I\’m hoping I will be able to visit more often. Photos on yesterday\’s post. Blessings,Mary

  2. Sandee, thank you.I can always count on you to offer prayers as well as all my readers.Mary,thank you as well.

  3. Oh Mike. I should have known you would post a prayer request. You are always so good to think of others. I have talked to Valarie twice today on the phone. Her mother is doing better. Thank you for being such a thoughtful person. I am glad to know you!Happy Halloween!Jennifer

  4. Jennifer,I am Blessed to have my friends here in the blog world.I cannot just sit and read their pain and not ask for prayer requests.

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