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1. Scraps & Shots 2. Simply Jen 3. This and That 4. Fab & Chic Finds 5. A Slice of Life 6. Jenny Talks 7. Tech Stuff Plus 8. Food on the Table 9. Aussie Talks 10. When Mom Talks 11. Moments of My Life 12. My Crossroads 13. A Life in Bloom 14. Because Life is a Blessing 15. Digiscraptology 16. BLOGSILOG 17. Cherry’s Comfort Zone 18. DigiScrapz: Captured Memories 19. Buzzy Me 20. Fab Finds, Etc. 21. Thinking Out Loud 22. Wishing and Hoping 23. PRC Board Exam Results 24. Jobs Abroad 25. My Blog Portfolio 26. Race Corner 27. Mommy Talks. 28. Home and Health 29. All Kinds of Me Stuff 30. Ink Baby Studios 31. The Salad Caper 32. Winding Creek Circle 33. Aggie Scraps 34. Momma Stuff 35. We Are Family 36. Gandacious 37. Busynessworld 38. Folcreative 39. Swanportraits 40. Rumination Under The Clouds 41. Consciously Think 42. Sprawt 43. Healthy Skinny 44. Geekyology 45. When Mom Speaks 46. Rumination 47. Me and Mine 48. Little Peanut 49. Creative in Me 50. Around the world 51. Pea in a Pod 52. For the LOVE of Food 53. Music of My Heart 54. It’s Where the Heart Is 55. Blog in to Space 56. Comedy Plus 57. Lady Coder 58. Programming Made Easy 59. Mr Soleh’s Outburst 60. Homesick Boy 61. Mike 62. Your blog here

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Mr.Soleh tagged me so if you want to play along consider your self tagged.

7 Comments on “tagged!

  1. H.N.W.Mom,thanks for stopping by I\’m glad that you enjoyed your visit with me.Tracy,I\’m on my way over.

  2. Hi Mike,Just dropping by to say hi and congrats on your award.I will definitely hop on this train. But, it will have to be after the week end.My husband only has one more week of his vacation so I am trying very hard to get done early today and spend some time with him.And I love your music also…you have some great picks..and what a mixture!!If I should get done dropping early enough I will get this done today.I hope you are having a great day!!Hugs:-))))

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