A second Prayer request today

as I was crusing the cyber highway, I have run accross some one who needs our prayers and moral support SLEEPINGMOMMY her step Mom was involved in an accident and is in the hospital.

3 Comments on “A second Prayer request today

  1. Thank you so much Mike. We appreciate all the prayers we can get.

  2. Sleeping Mommy,posting prayer requests is what I\’m good at as well as offering prayers for those that need it.that is why there are prayers that are said on a daily basis. My bigest ones are for the military folks and the police officers.and then friends and all of my family, and that includes my cuber family as well. I have said a long stime ago there are no strangers in this world just friends that I have never meet!!Sandee, Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you stop by and offer prayers as I ask for them!

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