where have all the visitors gone,and why are they not commenting?

I used to get a lot of visitors and comments but that seems to have dwindled down. Is it something I have said in my travels in the blogworld. or have I become dull and boreing?
I have tried to be a good guy,I know I have rubbed some people the wrong way.

Or maybe just maybe people are on vacation and have better things to than just visit blogs as I do.

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  1. Mike,Sorry that I haven\’t been getting by as much as I used to. Hubby and I are up to our necks in renovations, as you know.Per your comments on my post for Monday. I have wallpapered, painted, laid floor, roofed and done all kinds of things in my day. Hubby isn\’t as handy but he is learning. I don\’t do plumbing. I wish I did. The boys were good about helping. The work is exhausting and I appreciate every bit of help I get. I gave those boys $5.00 each to spend just for giving us a hand. It was well worth it and you\’d have thought I\’d given them a million dollars. They don\’t get a lot of money of their own.Take care, my friend. I hope all is well with you.Blessings,Mary

  2. Mary,thank you for stopping by.I donot envey you and your hubby.that sound like a lot of stuff to be done.

  3. Hi Mike – I\’m a bit slow, but I\’ve finally added you to my buddies list and my Google reader. I\’ll try to do better with my visits. Have a great day. 🙂

  4. Mike, hoping you\’re having a great day :)I think a lot of people are on vacation right now, my comments seem to have slowed down a bit too over at my blog.Have a great week.Sandra

  5. Sandee (comedy +) I thank you for your visit. I can understand about getting around to doing something I have a meme to post that I have yet to do.Sandra, thnk you for reminding me of this it is the one thing that I did not think of.

  6. Hey Mike, just read this. I have been blogging now for almost three years. I found there are times during the year that people do not blog or comment as much. During summer people tend to get outside more, or on vacations. All your bloggers will surly come back! You are not boring, and yes you are a great guy! Hugs and many blessings sent your way! btw ty for your support for not only me, but my twin! Hugsssssssss again.

  7. Hey Mike – my comments are down too. I think people are on vacation or like me might be working more because other people are on vacation! I find myself commenting less because I have less time to read my blogs in! I\’ll try to be better!

  8. Tracy,I will always lend moral support to those that need it.I will aslways treasure my friendships I have with the blogging community.Mari.I guess things will pick up again as vacation time winds down and summer slowly fades away.

  9. Hi Mike,I\’ve decided that I can either read blogs and post to my blog, or read blogs and comment on blogs but not both! Just kidding, (sort of) anyway, thanks for your visits and comments and for resisting the urge to vote Buckeye!

  10. I\’ve noticed that as my blogroll get longer my visits are less frequent. I\’m not proud of the fact. I\’ll always try and stop by often though. :o)

  11. Linda,that is why I use google reader.this way I know who has posted a new comment and than I go visit that site.instead of the way I used to, I would start at the top of the blog roll and click my way down to see if someone posted a new comment.Daffy,I donot know if you use a reader but it does speed up my visiting and makeing my comments.

  12. Hey Mike! So I think you know the reason that I haven\’t been by regular is THE MOVE! ACK Mike! I am so sick of this move! Relocating is a booger bear. Don\’t let anyone tell you any different.But when you visit me, I promise you bring sunshine to my day. It\’s like running into an old friend at Walmart! HAH! Since we are so far from all of our friends, that will be a cherished feeling indeed.But, I will say this… I think that Blog traffic is WAY down. Folks are on vacation, or their kids are home and it is more difficult to read blogs. I promise you after July, I will be able to come by and read you regularly. ESPECIALLY after August 11th…my kiddos go back to school!{{{Hugs}}} to you Mike and please tell Mrs. Golch I sent Alabama Hellos to her!Jen

  13. I dunno … comments have dropped off rather significantly at Sacred Ruminations but I suspect that’s at least partially because I don’t publish there every day. At Small Reflections, the comments vary from almost none to LOTS … perhaps depending on whether or not I’ve joined a ‘meme’ for that day and how many blogs I find time to visit and comment on myself. We all enjoy finding comments, don’t we? Seems like YOU took some time off a while back to collect yourself, and maybe others do that from time to time as well? I appreciate you visiting each of my blogs recently, and I know I’ve been WAY TOO BUSY to keep up myself … but I do what I can ;–)Hugs and blessings,

  14. Jennifer,thank you for stopping by. I\’m glad that I bring joy to you with my comments.You bring me happiness when you visit as well.Storyteller,I thank you for the visit.I enyoy my visits with you.I keep forgetting it is summertime and there are such things a vacations ect. some of my posting get a lot of comment and a lot of my posting do not. such is life of a blogger.

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