A prayer request.

One of our blog friends has put up a prayer request on her site . Let’s add her grandson Caden to our prayers. The link is up so everybody can go and offer some moral support.

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  1. Hi Mike:-)Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments…I always enjoy meeting new people!! Jo is one of my dear blogging friends and I\’m praying for Caden as well…so sad to see a baby having to go through a surgery such as that one. I wouldn\’t worry too much about your lack of commenters at the moment…I think a lot of people are blogging less because of it being summer. I\’m sure when the cooler weather sets in again, we\’ll all be getting back our visitors! lol xox

  2. Pea, thank you for stopping by. And yes that is a really bad thing for a baby to have go thru. I was 2 months old when I had to have surgery for a strangled hernia.

  3. I went over and learned that Caden is doing much better. Thank you, Lord!This is dating me, too – Callie reminds me of the RCA dog –All of us are down on our comments in the summertime. It\’s a sign of the season!

  4. Dawn I saw that Caden is doing better also.it still does not hurt to keep him in our prayers.Capt.Corky, that you for the visit here and going to show support as well!

  5. Prayers are such a great help.I\’ve been so busy lately, I think most of your commentors are right, I imagine it\’s the summer….especially for those who are lucky enough to get sunshine! :o( Yes….raining again!

  6. Daffy,you and every one is right. I will just have to be patient and they will come back.TJ,thank you for adding Camden to your prayers.

  7. I will include Caden in my prayers and will stop by and let them know. Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers. Please come again.

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