Jack Benny, Mel Blanc Johnny Carson 1974

5 Comments on “Jack Benny, Mel Blanc Johnny Carson 1974

  1. Oh that is FUNNY! The voice of Mel Blanc is the voice of my childhood! Johnny Carson too. And he lit a CIGARETTE! How politcally UN correct! But how cool that he had the freedom to do it if he wanted to. Not so today!Jen

  2. Jennifer, it may have been politicall incerect,but smoking was just what people did. I for one am glad that I did quit smoking in 1994.I\’m so glad that they do not allow smoking on T.V. now let\’s get rid of it in films as well.

  3. Hey! Congratulations on quitting! That is HUGE! I am blessed that I never picked up that habit. PRAISE GOD! I just wish that I had never tasted the first thing sweet in my life. THAT is my bad habit.Jen

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