Boy did I blow it this time.

I finally did figure out where the Baby shower was at,Swampy ‘s place. I hope she will understand due to what was going on this week.

The bad thing is that I had Swamp’s site confused with a different site. I wish I could remember that site as well I know I really enjoyed visiting that site as well.. mike you are such a goof.

6 Comments on “Boy did I blow it this time.

  1. Mike ! NO WORRIES! Just feel better. This was all in fun and I didn\’t take \”attendance\” like it was an assignment. Have a better week, OK?

  2. Swampy,thanks.I\’m trying to. I did have a good time at my MIL\’s today in spite of the seizures that I had.

  3. MIKE ! If you want a good laugh, come back over to my place and read the update, then click on The Clue. I promise, you\’ll smile at what my crazy cousin is up to. Then leave him a note about how \”clever\” he is. Today is going to be a good day for you. I can just feel it.

  4. Mike,You are much too hard on yourself. We all have times when we need support from our friends and from the above note, I see that Swampy did understand your absent. Take care of yourself. Right now that is the important thing for you to do.Prayers for you daily. Blessings,Mary

  5. Swampy,I\’ll be over real soon.Mary,when I get that far down that road I\’m extremely critical of my self to say the least.Not to mention some of the stuff I say about me.

  6. No Mike, not a goof. Just Human like the rest of us!!Haven\’t said hello to Mrs. Golch lately. Will you give her my regards?Be blessed.Jennifer

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