The meme that I was tagged for.

Sojourner Tagged me for this lets try to get through this at one try.
here are the rules of the game (post these first)
1)Each players answers questions about themselves.

2) At the end of the posting tag 5-6 people.

3) Post their names and then go to their site leave a comment telling them that they have been Tagged. Then ask them to read your blog.

4) Let the person who tagged you that you have completed your posting.


WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 YEARS AGO; I was already retired as a Corrections Officer.and working as a parts clerk at sears,in their service center here in Cleveland.My job was to pull parts for the service tech to repair different items.

WHAT ARE THE 5 THINGS ON YOUR “TO DO” LIST; 1) try to be a good blogger 2)rest 3)get some exercise with out having a seizure (fat chance) 4) clear off the tapes that you have not watched. 5) try to keep current on your blog and your comments on the other blogs that I visit

3)SNACKS THAT YOU ENJOY; chocolate,chex mix,pretzels and dip.

4) THINGS I DO IF I WERE A BILLIONAIRE; Pay off all my bills,give money to the united states.and see every thing that there is to see.

5) PLACES WHERE I HAVE LIVED; counting the USAF. San Antonio Texas,Rantool Ill,Sacramento Ca. A couple of Air Force bases where I was at but do not know the citys near them. Travis,Pease,Castle,Udorn,Utapao(Tialand)CCK (Tiawan)Non military; West Sacramento &Sacramento,Rancho Cordorba Ca,Cleveland Ohio,Parma Ohio.

6)BAD HABITS THAT I HAVE; not exercising at all, not saying I love you enough to my Wife.

7) JOBS THAT I HAVE HAD;Aircraft Electrician,dishwasher,Cab Driver,Delivery Driver,Security Guard,Corrections Officer,Parts Clerk,Real Estate Salesman.

Now for the tagging: I tag Mrs G. Dens Jenn o Mikey phyl and finally Tina
Lets hope that every body will be good sports. as there have been some whom I tagged in the past that have not been good sports about doing the memes.

14 Comments on “The meme that I was tagged for.

  1. How fun to read your responses to this meme! I did this one a while back at Small Reflections … one day last week if memory serves. You may have already seen it because you\’ve been dropping by pretty regularly. I\’m sorry you\’re having trouble with Small Reflections in your Google Readers but I\’m happy you can get there from your blog ;–)Hugs and blessings,

  2. Mike,I enjoyed reading your meme. This is a fun one. I will post my meme during the week. I can tell you right now that \”chocolate\” will definitely be on my list of snacks I enjoy!! Hugs,Tina

  3. loved learning a little about you Mike…don\’t feel like the lone ranger with your blog problems…my comments are not feeding over to my E-mail like they are supposed to…and I am afraid that I will miss some comments that my friends leave for me…so I have to scan through the comments on each post several times a day to make sure I don\’t miss any…hopefully the problem will rectify itself soon…Mimi

  4. Good Afternoon Mike,I have just gotten up a bit ago and ate some chicken gizzards so I could take another antibiotic. I am out visiting a bit for now. It has warmed up to 69 degrees here right now. I had to turn my A/C back on earlier. LOL. I enjoyed reading your Meme. I was tagged for this one a while back, but I never got around to doing it. Alot of things I barely can rememeber especially 10 years ago. LOL. I do good to remember one day to the next. I totally understand about being depressed. I take pills for depression and anxiety attacks. I have had trouble the last 2 times I have posted. I can\’t add any graphics from Glitter to my blog. I used to could, but I don\’t know what\’s going on with it now. Take care my friend and have a great afternoon. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  5. Storyteller it is always fun trying to bring good things about me to life,that is hard to do.Tina,I\’m glad you liked this one and I look forward to seeing yours.Jenn,I speak from my Heart when I talk about Celestine,she is truely a blessing in my life.Phyl,I just try to show that there is a need for prayers for people in need of them. I\’ll be over soon to see your meme.Mimi,I usuely read through my blog to see the comments as well.this way I make sure that I donot miss the comments and have a chance to respond back to everybodys comment to me.Karen,I\’m glad that you stopped by.I guess we were playing tag on each others site today.The glitter graphics is one reason I kinda breeze through you time it triggered a seizure. Sorry that youy have your own demons to fight as well.

  6. Hi Mike,I\’m glad you were feeling up to doing the meme. I certainly enjoyed reading it. I too was a taxi driver. What stories we could swap. LOL If there was a police call that came in, I was always the one to get it. I have some real stories.Take care, my friend. Praying for you and your family.Blessings,Mary

  7. This is a good meme. I got tagged for it as well and put it in my queue.Don\’t worry too much about getting out to visit blogs. Bloggers are amazingly understanding people. We\’re also very patient because we know that life happens.Take care.

  8. Mary,I bet we both have some good stories to tell.I hope you and your family are haveing a great day.Travis this is why I enjoy haveing you as a blogger friend.Every body that I have meet are very supportive of one another.Mtsti it is fun shareing good thing about one\’s self.instead of haveing a bunch of rants up,something I\’m afraid that I\’m guilty of.

  9. We share a love of the same snacks. If you become a billionaire, will you pay off my bills too. Please. Just think about it.

  10. Thanks for doing the meme Mike. Enjoyed learning a bit about you. You have lived a LOT of places you world traveler you! Glad you are feeling a bit better. Continuing to send healing thoughts and blessings your way.

  11. Mrs g,shure why not.I know you would do the same for me.Sojourner glad that you enjoyed my posting.

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