just a thought.

I know that I have posted a couple of Prayer requests.I cannot help it.when I see the need for a prayer I will post it. God knows we all need some help now and than.

I know I have had some rants about how stuff does not seem to co-operate lately.
One thing that I cannot complain about is the playlists(yes playlists) that I have the one on this site and the new playlist that I have on my new blog. the nice thing about that one there will not be any rants on that one.it will be nice stuff,mostly from what I have earned or was given by all of the fine bloggers that I have come to know and love. Peace.

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  1. Prayer works, Mike. Thanks for giving us the heads up on needs of others.Have a great weekend.God bless,Brenda ­čÖé

  2. Prayer is a powerful thing. I think it is wonderful that you make sure that others are prayered for. God works in such awesome ways, and the fact that you are aware how very much prayer does means you are opening up the door to God. Prayer in numbers is very strong indeed! Ok i am off to check out your other page.Blessings!

  3. Brenda,I will always post prayer requests as I see them.Mysti,prayer is indeed.Sojourner,Ok I\’ll play I\’ll be over soon to see what I\’m doing.Tina,I\’m gload that youlike this posting.

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