A Prayer Request.

Jo Has a prayer requst posted on her site.It is for a child named Dominic,who fell into a pool and is on a resprirator and has been give a 15% chance of survival.Lets see if we can inprove those odds with prayer for this child. Also I ask that you go to her site and offer moral support.Thanks.Mike

JO has an update on Dominic,he is showing some inprovement,he still needs our prayers.

JO has updated me again,that Dominic is not doing so well.they think that he might have awelling on the brain,if so that means that he hight have hit his head before falling into the pool.Let’s kick the prayers into High Gear.

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  1. Thanks Mike for adding a Prayer request to your blog. Right now it is all in God\’s hands because the doctors have done all that they can do. I know from experience how much power there is in prayer.Thanks again Mike….

  2. Jo,I will always post prayer requests for someone.God is indeed a great healer.all we gotta do is ask,and the more that do maybe it will same the child.

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