A prayer request

Swampwitch Has a friend named Bill,who is a WW2 Veteran, was involved ina a car accident and is in the hospital.Please go to her site and read about the great man.Give her a message to give to Bill. This is the least we can do for a man who(and Is 80) put his life on the line for our Country. Thank You and God Bless You One and All.Mike

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  1. Hey Mike,I paid Swampwitch a visit and left her a comment. I posted an update on Dominic at my blog…. It isn\’t looking good Mike. It has been a long day so I am out of here to do some resting.Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Mike,Thanks for the heads-up about the WWII Veteran. I will go to your friend\’s site and leave Bill a message there.Blessings for a great weekend. Mary

  3. Hey Mike ! Thanks for the post here. You are sending lots of wonderful people my way.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. I just ran over and read the update ­čÖé Sounds like an amazing guy. He\’s in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Jo,Thank you.I was over visiting you as well.and left a comment for you.Mary,thank you.When we can say thank you to a vet we should and we should cheer one up when they need that as well.Swampy,that\’s what I do.when I see the need I spread the word,and hopefully the love of our Father as well.Sandy C.we all can use a prayer for someone andwhen I see that need I share it.

  6. Tina,you are quite welcomed. As I have stated I try to inform people of the need for prayers for someone.

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