this is soooo funny,I saw this a site and just had to copy cat this one!! I was laughing so hard that I almost fell off my chair.

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  1. Oh MIKE! This was hysterical. I don\’t have any of the symptoms that Tequila is prescribed for, but I am exibiting some of the side effects without using the treatment LOL!!! JUST KIDDING!Except for the dancing like a retard thing.Jennifer

  2. Laughing, thanks for sharing this, needed some laughter in my day. I did the links… yayyyyyyyy ty so much for sharing how you did it.

  3. Jennifer,I will abmit to doing a da dance on a bar top during a newyears celebration with several other servicemen when I was on a try to Tiawan.I will also admit to trying to sing with a band bomed out of my mind.Mysti,I\’m glad that you enjoyed this one and that I was able to teach you something.

  4. Mike,To be honest, this very funny video lost a little of its edge with the \”dancing like a retard\” line. Otherwise, it is hilarious!Tina

  5. Tina,I was not too happy with that line either,but it is a funny video. I will even admit to danceing on a bar on Ney years eve while I was in Tiawan,I will admit to trying to sing Yesterday by the Beatles,wile plastered in a bar with the house band.

  6. Isn\’t that one great? Ed didn\’t find it as funny-he\’s allergic to the stuff and one sip makes him black out. Funny as heck, though.

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